« The private banker,
a rock in the storm »

The term “private banker” is synonymous with unbounded responsibility. Moreover, it expresses the idea of free enterprise, independence, tradition, competence and openness to the world. Far from the turmoil and agitation of the daily news headlines, private bankers remain faithful to the values that have always guided them. It is their adherence to those values that sets them apart: in the perpetually shifting world of finance, they set the benchmark.

Timeless Values

Private bankers bear unlimited liability on their entire commercial and personal wealth for the obligations of their bank. They are deeply committed to each and every client, ensuring that their assets are soundly and securely invested by favouring long-term performance over short-term gains. Their reputation is based on their integrity, stability and know-how, the core values that explain their enduring success. Lastly, respect for persons lies at the heart of their wealth management activities.