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« Private bankers,
a breed apart »

By definition, private bankers invest their own capital in their business and are personally liable for its obligations. Expertise in wealth management and securities trading is at the heart of their activity. Often part of a banking lineage that has spanned the centuries and yet profoundly modern in their approach, the private bankers possess a unique know-how in the world of wealth management.

The «Private Bankers»TM brand

A registered trademark since 1997, the term ‘Private Banker’ meets the definition established in the Swiss Law on Banks. Private bankers are incorporated as sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships or partnerships limited by shares. Their special status is justified by the presence within management of one or several partners with unlimited liability for the bank’s obligations.

Members of the association

Baumann & Cie
Bordier & Cie
E.Gutzwiller & Cie
Rahn & Bodmer CO
Reichmuth & CO